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Philodendron hederaceum

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The Philodendron hederaceum has been named Heartleaf Philodendron due to its stunning and unique heart-shaped leaves. An evergreen trailing or climbing plant that stands out when hanging from a basket or spilling from a pot. The Heartleaf Philodendron has become one of the most popular Philodendrons sold on the market because of its versatility to be used in various settings and its tolerance of different conditions. It makes an excellent plant for the beginner plant enthusiast. It is native to Brazil and Mexico and is typically found in humid tropical rainforests. However, it is a versatile plant that adapts to many conditions.

New leaves on the Heartleaf Philodendron emerge as a glossy shade of bronze, they swiftly turn a lush shade of green. It is a very quick growing plant that that trails up to 1.5m in length with leaves developing 5-10cm in size. To create a lush bushy plant, it is a good idea to pinch the stems after a leaf node, otherwise it will grow as long single stems that become leggy. As well as spilling from a hanging basket or a shelf the Heartleaf Philodendron makes an excellent climber and works well climbing up a moss pole.

Comes in a 14cm hanging pot.


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