Image of Drosera venusta

Drosera venusta

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  • Image of Drosera venusta
  • Image of Drosera venusta

Drosera venusta, is a subtropical sundew native to South Africa. It will develop orange-red colouration when grown in bright light. It is a very striking sundew, and is rather easy to grow so it makes it great for those starting out with carnivorous plants.

If you don’t let it dry out and give it plenty of sun it should keep producing dew and catch all those pesky flying bugs (fungus gnats, white fly, mosquitos and even the house fly).

The plant for sale is in a 5cm pot as shown in the second photo. It will be a vigorous grower over Spring/Summer and will slow down over the cooler months.

Care instructions
Keep the pot sitting in a tray of water (2-3cm deep) in a spot that gets direct sun for most of the day. A nice sunny windowsill is perfect or they do well outside in a sheltered spot.

As with all carnivorous plants they are sensitive to too many minerals or nutrients in the soil so ideally use rain water in the tray (although depending on your area tap water may be fine). When re-potting use a mix of peat moss and pumice or perlite (this mix contains no fertilisers so won’t harm the plant). Trim off dead stems as necessary. Do not fertilise this plant, the bugs it catches will give it everything it needs.

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